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The playing area is approximately 10m across and 6m deep with black Le Mark Nocturne stage-floor surface.


(Note: no screwed/drilled floor fixings.)

Fixed, open overhead grid approximately 5.5m from stage floor with 3 fixed L.X I.W.B bars. No fly floor.

(Single up-stage 8m length fly-bar in situ at cyc.-hand flown on hemp from floor U/St/L.)

Wing space approx. 2.5m each wing (note: no scene-dock/storage)

Stage floor approx. 0.5m high from auditorium floor with direct access either side to auditorium with raked seating of 262 capacity

Black-box stage setting with black cyc-cloth and black ‘leg’ masking.

(U/St and Mid/St masking can each draw on-stage to offer full-stage drape)

Fixed tracks …U/St…Mid/St…..D/St….for hung cloths to be ‘wiped’. 5.5m drop.

Performers stage access to wings St/L. and St/R. from secure backstage greenroom/dressing- room area with cross-over off-stage (via Greenroom area)

Hand-winched red house-tabs operated D/St/R. 4 x 13amp circuits on-stage (floor level)

Additional clean 32amp single phase. (D/St/L)

The Playhouse employs one in-house Technician/Operator only

If further crew/technicians are required, please pre-arrange with the venue accordingly.

(e.g Sound Engineer / Get-in Get-out /stage-crew)